Fun in Winter Karuizawa


Karuizawa is a mountain resort town, and as such offers great skiing opportunities. The snow that falls in Karuizawa is on the dry side compared with the softer, wetter snow found on the Japan Sea side of Honshu. Depending on the weather that year, ski slopes in and around Karuizawa can open as early as mid-October.


Being an easy one hour shinkansen ride away from Tokyo, it is a popular getaway for Tokyoites for its slightly cooler climate in the hot and humid Japanese summers. Karuizawa is famous for being a high end resort town full of luxury villas, pristine hotels, and chic cafes nestled in the lush greenery. Brimming with well-preserved nature, endless activities, and historic architecture, there is plenty to experience for everyone.

1.) Shiraito Falls

Meaning “white thread falls” these naturally occurring waterfalls get their name from their resemblance to a curtain of thousands of cascading white strings of water. The falls are only 3 meters high, but span an impressive 70 meters in length.  Standing by the crystal clear falls among moss-covered rocks, you will feel a cool, light spray coming off of them.Natural beauty serves as a canvas for dazzling, seasonal illuminations taking place on evenings in winter.

2.) Kyuukaruizawa

Kyuukaruizawa as the heart of the town has a pleasant atmosphere with chic restaurants and cafes aiming at affording patrons and with forested residential districts made up of holiday villas. If you want to shake things up and see the town in a new way, there are many bicycle rental shops that can accommodate you. Exploring the town by bicycle is a fun and breezy way to sightsee in Karuizawa.

3.) Kumobaike Pond

Kumobaike Pond is a scenic spot in Karuizawa that is located within the woods of Karuizawa and you can get there by passing through beautiful residential areas. The pond is famous for its beautiful reflection the surrounding trees. Especially in early summer their lush green is strikingly beautiful and creates a nice contrast with the blue sky. It is a peaceful spot, perfect for going for a walk or for taking pictures.

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